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Hernia: Know Your Treatment Options

2022-11-01 04:19:16

Have you ever felt a discernible bulge on your stomach, that sometimes seems to feel painful?

It is likely that you could be experiencing Hernia, a painful disorder that can lead to problems if left untreated.

What is Hernia?

The building of the stomach or intestine through a tear in the abdomen is known as hernia. This invisible tear is caused by abdomen injury, unhealed former surgery scars and weaknesses in the stomach after a caesarean surgery. This hernia can be easily repaired if one consults a surgeon at the right time.

It is important that one knows the treatment options to help them make an informed decision.

  •  Laparoscopy or Keyhole surgery is used to treat hernia in a minimally invasive manner. In cases where the budge isn’t too big, the doctor may choose to make a very small incision and treat the hernia through it. Patients can return to work within days after the surgery.
  • Laparotomy or Open Surgery, once the most common option is now rarely used as the healing time is significantly long.
  • Reconstructive Surgery is used in cases where the patient is particularly susceptible to have a recurring hernia. In such a case tissue from some other body part is places across the bulge to prevent the hernia from occurring again. The healing time in this type of surgery is about two to three weeks.
  • Mesh Based Repair is a new technique used in treating hernia. A resorbable mesh is place on the tear to provide support to the tear as it heals. This type of repair is increasingly becoming common as it offers the best post-surgical outcomes for the patient. If you or a loved one has hernia, consult a surgeon at the earliest to determine the pest, and most appropriate treatment plan!

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