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Food for Thought- Superfood for the Brain

2020-05-25 08:28:16

As humans start to age, they tend to combat different health issues and other problems. Different ageing factors contribute to such a situation. One of the most significant impacts which occurs in most of the people as they age is the impact on the brain. You brain ages with your physical body and tends to become feeble as time passes by. But it has been proven that, even if you cannot bring back the brain which you had in your teenage day, you can surely keep your brain healthy which definitely improves the situation by a lot. Here is some Superfood for your brain that will keep it charged!

  • Blueberries– all of us love to eat berries, don’t we? These little fruits can look small but they are really beneficial for your brain. Blueberries can help our brain to remain protected from oxidative stress and efficiently combats age-related problems that may have an impact on our brain. Blueberries have antioxidant elements present in it which improves the learning mechanism and prevents cell damage. No doubt that these tiny fruits are often termed as “brainberries” because of so many benefits. Just sprinkle some over your breakfast or eat a handful of them anytime you want.
  • Walnuts- walnuts have been a popular food for the brain that people have been consuming to keep their brain sharp and active. Walnuts contain a good combination of antioxidants and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. These nuts can also have a good influence on your mood and help to reduce mental stress which might lead to different health problems. You can consume 5-6 walnuts every morning and lead a better lifestyle.
  • Egg Yolk- the egg yolk which is the yellowish part of an egg is really beneficial for your brain. It is a very important source of choline which helps to promote better memory retention power and good cognitive or logical skills. Egg yolk also contains methane which is responsible for influencing happy mood to the individuals. So you can consume 1 or 2 eggs every day to get hold of these amazing benefits.
  • Dark Chocolate- one of the most popular foods for the brain is chocolate. We know chocolate have different benefits that keep the brain and our overall mood in a better condition, right? Dark chocolate is also very beneficial for your brain. It contains a significant amount of flavonoids which are a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of caffeine or sometimes theobromine promotes a good blood flow throughout the body and keeps your heart and brain in a good shape. So put a bite on a bar of dark chocolate once or twice a day from now!
  • Brahmi- Brahmi is one of the oldest brain food that has been put into use to keep the organ functioning well and improve our memory. It contains saponins which help to improve the efficiency of different neurotransmitters which helps to reduce anxiety and enhances other types of brain functions.

So here are some of the important Superfood for the Brain which will help you to keep your brain in a good condition and eventually protect it from harmful factors. All the food we listed are easily available and can be fetched in regulated amounts without any problem. They are affordable and very effective in matters of maintaining the important organ we have been talking about in this article.

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