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Reasons why your baby might be sent to the NICU

2020-05-25 08:21:16

Premature birth causes health problems in babies or their birth gets difficult. In such a case they are sent to the hospital’s NICU. Most babies are sent to the NICU within 24 hours of coming to the world and are kept there depending on the condition of their health. Some of the babies stay there for a few hours or days and some are even kept for weeks and months. No parents can imagine their newly born to stay in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It’s hard for them to send their babies to the NICU. But the good news is that there are a lot of good hospitals for providing the best of treatments to your baby like Gunam Super Speciality Hospital which is one of the best super speciality hospital in Hosur for providing you and your child quality healthcare. Here we have discussed a few reasons that why babies are sent to the NICU to clear all your doubts:

  • Premature Birth: The most common reason for sending the baby to the NICU is when they are born before completing 37 weeks. Premature babies are not that much physically developed and it gets hard for them to transition to the outside environment. Their long term neurological outcome gets affected as they are not able to control the temperature of their bodies and also experience excessive weight loss. A controlled enclosed environment is really necessary for these babies which are known as an isolette or incubator. This helps in maintaining constant body temperature by providing heat and also mimics the uterine environment. Some evidence-based therapies, IV Hydration, and higher caloric food are given to these delicate babies. Gunam Super Speciality Hospital is one of the best neonatal intensive care hospital in Hosur for dealing cases related to premature birth.
  • Immature Lungs: Immature lungs cause Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) which is very commonly seen in infants. A machine that pushes oxygen to a baby through a mask is used for treating mild cases but for severe cases, a breathing tube is used and also the baby is placed on a ventilator.
  • An Infection or Sepsis: The most common reasons for neonatal deaths and poor outcomes are sepsis or infection. Infections can be found in premature infants more than full-term infants. When a baby is born earlier it has more chances of catching an infection as its immune system is not that strong enough to fight off the infection. Based on the signs of the infection and the laboratory values antibiotics can be used for a set period.
  • Low Blood Sugar: Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia can be seen very commonly in infants especially in those who are born to moms who have gestational diabetes. It can also be found in infants who have an infection.
  • Traumatic Delivery: If there are problems during the delivery or perinatal depression then it leads to reduced blood flow and oxygen to the baby. A new method of whole-body cleaning is used by the doctors for decreasing brain injury to the infant which is caused due to decreased blood flow. You should consider the best neonatal intensive care hospital in Hosur which is Gunam Super Speciality Hospital for problems related to your pregnancy.
  • Maternal chorioamnionitis: The health of the mom is another major reason why a baby is sent to the NICU. An infection or inflammation of the placenta or the umbilical cord can be seen which is called maternal chorioamnionitis and this puts the baby also at a high risk of catching the infection. In this case, the symptoms which are seen in the mother are an increase in heart rate and uterine tenderness. Baby is started on antibiotics for 48 hours after being admitted immediately to the NICU after its birth before being discharged home.

     Your child can be sent to the NICU in the case when any of the above-mentioned reasons are there. You should always consider your treatments during your entire pregnancy in the most advanced hospitals like the Gunam Super Speciality Hospital which is the best neonatal intensive care hospital in Hosur in order to be prepared for any such situations and get the best of solutions and treatments. After all it’s about the life of you and your child.

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