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Tips And Important Information About Keeping Your Baby In The First Month

2020-05-25 08:23:26

Being a mother is probably the best and the most joyful moment of every woman’s life. But when you become a mother with great joy and happiness comes great responsibility. A child is very much dependent upon his or her mother for proper care. Therefore you must provide your baby with the best possible care and living conditions which you can afford to. Do you want some tips and important formation about keeping our baby safe and sound in the first month? We have got some important tips for you which you have jotted down in this article and would want you to have a look.

Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe In The First Month

Nursing and taking good care of a baby is not at all an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of effort and physical work to make sure your baby gets the right care. Here are some important tips that you can follow.

  • Breastfeeding- during the first few months after your baby is born you must breastfeed the baby. Breastfeeding is very nutritional and is essential for the proper growth and development of the baby. So you must consult with the physician the right way to breastfeed and other important tips related to it. You will also have to understand when the baby is hungry but you will not need to worry about overfeeding because the baby will only drink to his or her contentment.
  • Sleeping- you baby aside from eating or drinking will love to sleep. On an average small baby spend 14-16 hours a day by sleeping. So you must give your baby enough opportunity when he or she can sleep. Even though their “sleeping window” is very short which can normally last about 20-25 minutes, they will go to sleep again sometime later. Keep your baby in a cot which must be covered to prevent any insects to come in and other objects from affecting the baby. So probably you are going to miss a few days of sleep to give your baby a good sleep throughout the day.
  • Development- your baby after he or she is one month old will start to respond to their surroundings. Even though they may not be responsive all the time, but they will surely start developing senses. Usually, a baby tries to look after their parent’s face, voice and touch, especially the mother’s. So would want to interact more with the babies so that they can start their development process of learning and understanding different things their own way.
  • Growth and Weight- your baby would grow positively after hitting the one month mark. Usually breastfed babies tend to gain more weight and mass than other babies. So do not be worried if the baby has fat in his body at this age. On an average, babies of this age gain 150-200 gms every week. So if you observe that your baby is not gaining weight even after a few weeks of hitting one month, you would want to visit your child specialist. Take good observations and pay attention to growth!
  • Health and Hygiene- when your baby turns one month old he or she will be due for their first immunization. Never miss any important vaccines that the doctor may prescribe and always visit the specialist after every 3-4 weeks. Try to keep your baby away from someone unwell or suffering from infectious disease. Do not let anyone touch your baby with dirty hands. Keep separate clothes and hygienic pads for the baby all the time.

So here are some important tips which you must follow to maintain a safe and healthy surrounding around your one-month-old baby. The first few months of your baby is very important and you must take special care of every detail that we have mentioned in this article. In case of any problems or doubts, you can visit Gunam Hospital which is one of the best Children Hospitals in Hosur.

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