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Helping you Through the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Tips for Families

2022-11-01 04:07:13

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is an extremely crucial place in a hospital where the most critical of patients \ are admitted for observation. Hence, it is of utmost importance that yo follow some basic steps when visiting the patient at the ICU.
Be Calm and Be Positive: No matter how you feel, you need to put up a brave face for your loved one. Talk in a positive tone and give them positive affirmations.
Designate Roles for Communication: Ensure that only one or two members communicate with the doctor about the patient's condition. The doctor may not have the patience to answer too many questions, or a communication gap will occur if too many people talk to the doctor.
Allow the Patient to Communicate: If the patient can talk, ask them one or two questions which can be answered easily (in a few syllables). If the patient in the ICU is unable to communicate verbally, provide them with a pen and notebook. Alternatively, you can place a board with words like ‘Pain’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ next to them and help them communicate by pointing to those words.
Keep the Patient Comfortable: If your loved one feels uncomfortable or cold, talk to the nursing staff in the ICU and ensure that they feel comfortable.
Provide for Essentials: If your loved one needs certain products such as sanitary napkins, brushes etc,, ensure that they are provided with them in the ICU. It will go a long way in helping them feel loved and wanted. Staying in the ICU is very stressful for the patient and the family. Keeping the patient's spirits up will help them recuperate faster.

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